Matthew & Mayumi Wardrop
Matthew (and Mayumi) Wardrop

About Me

I am currently a PhD Student at the University of Sydney, with completion slated for August 2015; and am richly blessed to be married to my lovely wife Mayumi; and am the proud father of Theodore our son. The world, its abstractions, and the manipulation thereof, have always fascinated me, and much of my life has been dedicated to learning about them. This naturally led me to physics (the world), mathematics (its abstractions) and computer programming (algorithmic manipulation). This broad focus has made me a jack-of-all-trades, and master of few. I enjoy learning, reading, programming, puzzle-solving, board games, and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Info

  • Room 359
  • School of Physics, A28
  • The University of Sydney
  • Camperdown, NSW 2006
  • Australia (map)


PhD Thesis

I am nearing completion of my theoretical thesis entitled “Quantum Gates for Quantum Dots” which focusses on:
  • characterising the expected performance of novel two-qubit gates between double-quantum-dot singlet-triplet and triple-quantum-dot resonant-exchange qubits.
  • estimation and dynamics analysis of the magnetic field gradient between the constituent dots of singlet-triplet qubits using Bayesian analysis.
This work is of especial relevance to contemporary GaAs/AlGaAs and Silicon semiconductor quantum dot experiments.


No projects at this time.


Honours Thesis

This work was a precursor to my PhD Thesis, which focussed on understanding and simulating a two-qubit gate between singlet-triplet qubits.

Probabilities of quantum emission from electrons exhibiting gryomagnetic motion

Over the summer break of 2008 (between second and third year) I completed a summer scholarship project that involved calculating the probabilities that an electron would emit a photon while exhibiting gyromagnetic motion.

Drifting among the Hot, the Dark, and the Deep

In 2007 (first year) I completed a special project on heating in plasmas due to gravitational drift of charged dust. The report was to be written as a popular science piece.


QuBricks (MIT Licensed)

QuBricks is a toolkit for the analysis and simulation of quantum systems in Python. The primary goal of QuBricks is to facilitate insight into quantum systems; rather than to be the fastest or most efficient simulator. more >

ParamPy (MIT Licensed)

A python library that takes care of physical quantities; including unit conversions, non-dimensionalisation, scaling, inter-dependencies, limits and ranges. more >


Wedding RSVP

A invitation management website for weddings (and potentially other events). Used originally during my wedding, it has since been used twice by friends for their weddings; to great positive response. My plan is to commercialise it at some point.

Stay In Touch (for Android)

"Stay In Touch" is a simple utility application which fills a neglected gap in most PIM software. Calendars and task management software are great for tasks with definite timelines; but they do not work so well for unscheduled and more ambiguous tasks; like keeping in touch with friends, or remembering to think/pray about various things. more >


LaTeX Blochsphere (LPPL3.1 Licensed)

A LaTeX package which allows for simple drawing of 3D projections of Bloch spheres.
more >

Scholarley (for Android)

Scholarley was an unofficial Android client for Mendeley, which is a free and convenient application for managing your library of academic papers (see: Scholarley was designed for both Android phones and tablets, and at its peak had more than 42,000 active installations over more than 35,000 users. Scholarley was discontinued when Mendeley announced plans for an official client. more >

Spray Logger

A company for which my father has done some work wanted a weed-spraying logger to be constructed which monitored when, where, upon what, and how much weed poison was administered. I ended up writing most of the embedded C code (in the Arduino platform) required for that project.

Credit Usage (for Android)

Credit Usage is a call minutes, sms, mms and data usage meter to monitor your phone usage; and stay under your cap! Rather than depending on scraping information from official sources, which are often ~48 hours behind, Credit Usage calculates your expected bill from your actual phone usage; and so acts as a check of the official bill. Credit Usage was my first Android application. more >

Android Icon Generator (Public Domain)

A simple python script to generate the Android icons at appropriate resolutions complying with the Android icon guidelines. more >

Cast (MIT Licensed)

A simple javascript library for rendering server side content. It is at once a client rendering library and a protocol, for which other clients could be written. more >

Sydney Healthy Campus App (GPL3)

Sydney Healthy Campus App is an HTML 5 based web application based on top of Cast: a protocol and javascript library for client side layout rendering using data from multiple sources. It was written in collaboration with the School of IT and School of Biology at University of Sydney. more >

Sydney Uni Mobile App

The Sydney Uni Mobile App was written over a 12 week period for the Sydney University marketing department, in collaboration with the School of IT at University of Sydney. It is based on a similar technology as Cast, but one that is not open source. more >

Dangerous Australians iOS App

Dangerous Australians mobile app was written as a fully-functional prototype for the current Dangerous Australians app, in collaboration with the Australian Museum and the School of IT at University of Sydney. The final product was a rewritten app that mimicked much of our interface. more >


I rewrote a learning management system written for University of Sydney School of IT students that automatically compiled and tested their code, while providing an interface to specify learning objectives and task outcomes. This rewrite has yet to be optimised for broad student use, and may never be.
You can find a complete listing of my publications on the arXiv, where they are available for download. They are also listed below: