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I don’t own Harry Potter. This is my first published fanfiction on FF. I appreciate constructive criticism but not flamers. I know the bold is a little annoying towards the end of the chapter but other than a couple of scenes, it’s done. There are sex scenes in the story but only on HPfanficarchive and ficsite. Those versions don’t have bold or italics though. Pain shot up his damaged appendage as tears started to leak out of his eyes. Harry’s world took on a neon blue hue as the salty droplets ran down his cheeks. Through the immense agony, the young boy heard his cousin’s piggish laughter and the sound of someone knocking on the door. At the same time, however, Harry felt a weird ringing in his ears, as if a pressure was released in his head at the same time that his arm flashed neon blue for a second.

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You turned around and notice that some blonde bimbo with way too much makeup on is all over him. You walk over to them and hear her saying inappropriate things to Harry. Harry looks extremely uncomfortable and you feel your anger flare up. You grab her by her hair and push her to the ground where you start punching and clawing at her. It takes all the boys to get you off of her because you had a strong grip on her hair. When you turn to Harry he has a smile on his lips and he leans toward you.

1. Telling your parents that you are just not going to agree with them about certain things (especially regarding your lifestyle choices), and that you are ready to .

Starts during the Chunin Exams and takes place in the Naruto universe. See inside for details. M – English – Adventure – Chapters: Second chances by FlameXFullmetal reviews The 4th war had ended, but the price had been to high. Now at the end of their rope, and with nothing to lose and everything to gain, can Sasuke and Naruto repair the damage before it can be done or are some things meant to happen without reason?

M – English – Chapters: Oujirou reviews Shampoo decides to change course in her attempts to win Ranma’s love, but the battle for Ranma’s heart is about to turn into a battle for survival when she and Ranma become the targets of some fearsome foes. As the Louds let their silly superstitious beliefs cloud their judgment, bonds become strained to their breaking point. Can they rely on their so-called ‘luck’ to fix this, or will the bonds they share become severed like a failed marriage?

Alone and hated in my village. Until my mentor found me.

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Who the hell is that?! What would you like for breakfast? For breakfast we have, carrots, carrots, carrots and four lots of nipples.

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No seriously just imagine that.. This had been going on for hours. He was on the phone to his ex girlfriend, the one that you told him to stop talking to.

is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Go. Zeus was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian.

He’d spent all night falling from various heights, only to land in the same stinking dumpster over and over again! Maybe he should have replaced the dumpster with a nice, clean slab of concrete? Even his vision powers remained mostly inaccessible, save for one mishap that cost him a curtain. Otherwise, Susanne would not be pleased. Better that than if he was standing in the subway next to some reasonably young woman and readjusting his suit to adjust his other suit. The gossip columnist had assured him that they were an item.

He didn’t know if she knew about his other identity, but surely she could at least lend a sympathetic ear for some of his other woes? He’d bared his soul, telling her how lost he felt in his own life without his memories, how disoriented he was by this undercurrent of strange and disconnected emotions running through his head, and how terrified he was that he might be facing a serious or even permanent problem!

Then, she’d told him she’d lied. We’re going to find Superman! You know, Michel is really no fun. Clark would be all over the idea of leading Lois on yet another wild goose chase where she should make a galactically stupid fool of herself. I have something to show you that I think you’ll really

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Niall Horan Zie Niall Horan voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Hij is de enige van de band die van Ierse afkomst is. Hij heeft een oudere broer genaamd Greg.

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Naruto Uzumaki the Hornet Shinobi! How will this start of his and his bloodline future? M – English – Drama – Chapters: Naruto decides to make a change. And he isn’t the only one. Follow the teens in their quest to change and change the minds of others. M – English – Romance – Chapters: But has she made the right choice? Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they’ll be taking it slow.

Rated T for abuse and frightening situations Gravity Falls – Rated: Believably stronger Ranma who isn’t a jerk. Now has a TVTropes page! How will this change the lives of the three and the rest of the Wrecking Crew. Story idea from rewind gone nuts.

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General All Categories, Since: Some of these don’t have a completed tag, but I’ve read them and they looked to be finished so I added them. So don’t worry each story has some sense of an ending.

Jan 03,  · Harry and Taylor are dating. End of it. They both knew what they where getting in to. Yes, maybe Taylor will get another song if they break up, but hello, Harry is a singer/songwriter too, he might as well include some of their relationship in a song (just sayin’). One Direction Fanfiction Chat!

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson Dating: Now, new reports are claiming that the former One Direction bandmates of Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary this year. According to the popular rumor website, even the close friends of the One Direction singers like Ed Sheeran. The supposed “Larry” wedding sparked after Harry Styles tweeted, “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall.

Mega awesome wicked cool. Though these reports could possibly be true, neither Harry Styles nor Louis Tomlinson has confirmed these wedding rumors until now. Some even think it is unlikely as the baby daddy of Brianna Jungwirth is reportedly happy in the arms of Eleanor Calder right now. Meanwhile, Unreality TV has shared that there no bitterness between the remaining members of the One Direction as they are now focusing more on their solo careers. Everyone’s just enjoying a schedule that’s not as relentless and exploring solo projects,” Louis Tomlinson has shared about his imminent reunion with Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

Stay tuned to Korea Portal for the latest news and updates about the alleged Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson relationship.

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She was just finishing high school, when she had an opportunity to showcase her talent for singing in a contest. She couldn’t wait for the chance to perform in front of famous singer judges. What she didn’t know, is that she would fall in The boys, like no one before, loved and cared for her.

But as the years passed they slowly grew apart until one day they just slipped away from each other’s lives, taking separate paths. Jaejoong became the intellectual, straight A student while Yunho was the part of the popular crowd.

You think I did? I bit my lip and stormed away. I guess this is what you get when you agreed to do the stupid fake dating thing. She didn’t expect to actually fall for him, or for him to fall for her. He seemed so hateful, so back and forth, so As she got to know him though he grew on her, becoming more like lover’s as time goes o Can This Love Be Real? But she didn’t think she would start developing feelings for him. Does James feel the same way? She’s just a normal girl who used to work for the FBI, she lost her job by punching one of her clients in the face, she now owns a website that

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