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This is certainly true of the large recorded legacies of those pianists who made rpm discs during the first half of the 20th century. It is not difficult to find complete or nearly complete CD reissues of most major pianists from that period and of many less significant ones. In fact, well over CDs of historic piano material by more than pianists have been produced during the last 35 years. We have prepared the following guide in response to the many inquiries IPAM has received from students, collectors and general listeners concerning the availability of recordings by specific pianists of the past. The pianists are listed alphabetically, and under each name is a summary of their recordings as reissued on CD with labels sometimes called “publishers” and catalog numbers provided. Further details of their catalogs can be obtained online through the links listed above.

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He was influenced by leading musicians of the classical era including canonical pianists Beethoven and Mozart. At a young age of 24, he opened his own piano shop under his name and began to study resonance and depth of sound. Through his studies, he was able to innovate parts by making earnest improvements of the felt, hammer, and steel frame.

Weber pianos are produced by craftsmen who accept nothing less than the absolute best. The rigorous standards that Albert Weber adopted in to create the first grand piano to withstand the demands of the concert platform set the benchmark for piano making in his day.

Also, the ‘modern’ piano dating from about to was generally better made than an equivalent new piano made today, as more skilled technicians were in the piano manufacturing trade in those days. BUYING GUIDE. The make is the key.

Knowing the fair market value of Wurlitzer pianos is useful to sellers, buyers and owners. This information can help guide you in making important decisions. The Wurlitzer family were German instrument makers dating back to the 17th century with Hans Andreas Wurlitzer, a violin maker. By a new factory was built in Cincinnati, Ohio, continuing to sell pianos with the Wurlitzer label, but made by other European makers. They did not start manufacturing their own pianos until Since the early s Wurlitzer became one of the major names in the music business that included the sale of orchestrions, player pianos, organs and jukeboxes.

Other names controlled by Wurlitzer have included: In Wurlitzer purchased the Chickering name and all the assets of the Aeolian Corp. Memphis, TN factory when Aeolian went out of business. In Baldwin purchased Wurlitzer and Chickering. By production of Wurlitzer grands were being manufactured by Samick in Korea. In , the Baldwin, Chickering and Wurlitzer names were purchased by the Gibson musical instrument company.

Wurlitzer upright pianos were then discontinued in , essentially replaced by the Ellington, and then Hamilton line made in China in Grand pianos were then being manufactured in China by the Sejung Co.

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We maintain a current piano rating system, pricing guide and select model reviews as well as up-to-date information on all makes and models of pianos available today. Need particular information on your piano? We can answer your emails and get right back to you, as one of our expert technicians will research your question and answer it promptly.

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Find Keiko Matsui on Amazon. Record company–Narada Jazz, N. Website–Keiko Matsui Official Website:

Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its production. provides a wealth of information about the piano manufacturing industry. Over 12, piano names are included, some dating back to the early eighteen hundreds. Playing Piano for Pleasure is a practical guide to learning and playing.

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Hands-on Memorisation Concrete suggestions for memorising anything. This article focusses on building in memory, as well as strengthening and maintaining memory. Slow Practising Strategies and techniques for one of the most valuable types of practising at any level of pianistic development – slow practising. This article explores stylistic matters in approaching the music of Rameau on the piano. Useful information about performance practice for any music from the French baroque.

Aspects of Style in the Four Main Periods Originally presented as a series of four keynote addresses, this is a summary of performance practices in the baroque, classical, romantic and “modern” periods.

Your piano’s age is one of the most significant factors in determining your piano’s Value. Each piano is manufactured with a unique serial number that is recorded for future reference of not only when it was made but also where.

The study by the University of Vermont College of Medicine found that even those who never made it past nursery rhyme songs and do-re-mi’s likely received some major developmental benefits just from playing. The study provides even more evidence as to why providing children with high-quality music education may be one of the most effective ways to ensure their success in life. Hudziak and his team sought to discover whether a “positive activity” like musical training could affect the opposite changes in young minds.

In short, music actually helped kids become more well-rounded. Not only that, they believe that musical training could serve as a powerful treatment of cognitive disorders like ADHD. Getty Images We need this sort of proof now more than ever. In presenting their findings , the authors reveal a terrifying truth about the American education system: Three-quarters of high school students “rarely or never” receive extracurricular lessons in the music or the arts.

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In As Little As 30 Days Not sure you have what it takes to really play piano, with both hands, and have it sound rich, full, and warm? Dear Friend- If you want to play like Beethoven, you should stop reading this letter now. But…If you desire to play piano by ear effortlessly, with both hands, without learning all the traditional stuff you are told you must know Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Mitchum and the first thing you should know about me is…I am not a naturally gifted piano player.

Classic & Antique & Upright Piano Grading Guide Piano values vary with condition, age, type of wood, style and the piano market conditions in the area you live in. Rare and collectible items appreciate and it is not necessarily the age in years that best determine the accurate valuation, but more over the quality of current information and.

By Deborah Vankin May 26, 3: Bring it with you,” Donkey teases one woman. Advertisement Wang stands transfixed in her skin-tight fuchsia minidress and oversized glam-girl sunglasses, her outfit popping out against the crowd of straw visors and denim shorts. At this moment the global classical music star is simply a smitten innocent, let loose in a theme park. Nearly a decade after she started to set the classical music world ablaze with her technically dazzling piano concertos and sexy, convention-defying outfits onstage, Wang is one of the most distinctive, acclaimed and popular figures in the classical music world.

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Today, hours after arriving in L. The rare half-day off comes before an extended engagement begins Friday with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where Wang is one of the most popular soloists — a performer whom the orchestra will book for not two or three concerts at a time but seven.

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Pianos by Chris Woodford. Who are the world’s best musicians? Everyone has their own personal view on this, but for my money concert pianists win hands down. If you’ve ever seen a world-class pianist playing a great piece of music, like a Beethoven sonata, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. It takes amazing physical, intellectual, and emotional brilliance to play such a complex instrument in such a captivating way—and only a tiny proportion of the world’s pianists are up to the job.

But it’s not just the musician who makes the music sound so fantastic:

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The piano is an iconic instrument known for its ease of playability, difficulty, and its beautiful sound. Read this article to give yourself a leg up as you learn how to play the piano. Steps Equipment and Setup 1 Acquire a piano. Most teachers recommend that you purchase an actual piano to keep and practice on at home.

Wurlitzer Pianos is one of the oldest names in the piano manufacturing industry in the United States. The quality of their pianos can be lined up with the best names in the realm of .

German Renner Action Parts The images above can be enlarged by clicking on them The reasons we choose this maker is a track record of proven quality since , and exact geometry reproduction for vintage Steinway and Sons pianos. Renner produces more than 3 different shank and flange configurations, and 3 different wippen configurations. These choices provide the exact fitment needed to make a vintage Steinway perform and feel perfect.

The quality of the Renner hardwood Hornbeam used on the parts exceeds the specifications of maple, and the center-pinning is always firm and sluggish-free. The premium blue Renner hammers produced are offered in many different sizes and weights that can exactly duplicate what was originally intended for use in the vintage Steinway action. The Renner hammer uses Wurzen wool felt which is considered the premium material to make a hot pressed hammer.

Renner action parts are currently used by the finest piano makers in the world which include: Nothing we have used in the past comes close to the quality of Renner parts. Genuine American Steinway factory action parts The images above can be enlarged by clicking on them Simply stated, the American Steinway factory replacement parts have undergone a tremendous improvement in quality over the last few years. Steinway currently offers 2 different American shank and flange configurations standard round maple shanks, and a new hexagonal maple shank , and their standard wippen replacement.

The pinning of the components is outstanding, and fit and finish work have improved measurably throughout the wippen bodies. The addition of the hexagonal shanks is another tremendous step in maintaining stability of the hammer angles with less shaft twisting. The factory Steinway hammer is a cold pressed design which utilizes liquid lacquer in order to build tone up in the component.

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It sounds great and looks wonderful in our home. Thanks for all of your service. Knabe learned the art of cabinet and piano making through apprenticeships, dedication and hard work. In , William formed his own business of buying, selling and repairing used pianos from inside his home. Knabe and Gaehle built high-quality grands, uprights, and squares at a small factory in Baltimore and managed to compete with other larger, more established American manufacturers.

A Knabe Concert Grand Piano was played by some of the great artists of that celebrated organization, including Rosa Ponselle, a mainstay at the New York Metropolitan Opera and one of the greatest sopranos of the past years.

After Estonia gained its freedom, the country’s nationalized piano company was privatized in under the ownership of its managers and employees. At that time, Dr. He began buying shares of the company until he took control in Laul substantially improved the design of the piano by changing over individual elements, upgraded its components, and revamped the factory’s operations. He also brought his family into the business, including his father Venno Laul who is also a professional musician and worked with the Estonian National Choir.

His father runs quality control at the factory in Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn.

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